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Feeling healthy and feeling good 365 days a year.

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For all those who want to feel good not only today, at the age of 25, but also tomorrow with 40-60, 80 or more years. That means for those who want to go healthy and fit through life, without pain and full of energy.

That's exactly what brings the new Egnoka online course to the point?

Practicing regularly with minimal effort of just 1-3 minutes, in combination with perfect exercises. The most important thing is not the exercises, but that you really do them regularly.

If you can honestly say yes, to the following two questions.

Do you want to feel healthy 365 days a year?

Do you want to feel good 365 days a year?

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"My name is Hans Hendricks and my job for over 30 years is to help people feel really good 365 days a year" ...


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